Y2K 2.0 is comming!

In the past half of the magical 2020, with the gradual stabilization of the epidemic situation, the audiovisual and fashion circles have revived and become active again.
Great master from all over the world contributes to the screen traffic so that the audience will be full of visual blessings.

Let me talk about the single MV "HOW YOU LIKE THAT" released by the top Asian girl group BLACK PINK when it went out on the street last Monday. It surpassed 100 million views on YouTube in just 32 hours, setting the fastest time. Break the 100 million MV record and dominate the top of the charts. It is 5 hours faster than the previous record-holder BTS' Boy With Luv.
Both the poster and the trailer are full of magical retro makeup, manicures, filters, and noise, both mysterious and public.

Then comes Lady Gaga, who has been silent for 6 years, launching a new album "Chromatica". The debut single "Stupid Love" swept in, breaking Gaga's personal record on the day of its debut, with more than 9.5 million views and winning the iTunes rankings in 60 countries.
The MV combines a variety of styles such as retro grotesque aesthetics, cyberpunk, explosive candy colors, and sci-fi art
The above signs indicate that the Y2K aesthetic trend that was in full swing at the beginning of the millennium has officially returned. With the ups and downs of the magic epidemic, the Y2K 2.0 era has begun.